Cheryl Williams

"When I was young, I had the good fortune to camp in the High Sierra Mountains in California. There I would sit by the river’s edge and watch lights reflection dance in the water. Reaching my hand in the cold stream, I would pick up some rocks and play with the mud. That is where my interest in creating objects with clay started."

"I have always taken those memories of the light and incorporated that in my artwork."

Cheryl Williams was raised in California and moved to Oregon to start a carrier in the Arts in the early 1980’s. Through her introduction to clay in High School she decided to make it full time. 

After many years establishing herself as a ceramic artist she started painting large abstracts works on canvas using acrylic and gold leaf.

Now in her 50’s, her art is shown around the world. She enjoys going on long walks with her dog and hiking in the woods.

​"The Energy that comes through my heart and into my hands stirs great passion in me.  Bringing essence into form, I make the ordinary appear extraordinary.  My work is simple and elegant.  It gives me great pleasure to share my art with you."

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