Cheryl Martin

An Arizona artist and native of Minnesota, Cheryl (Martin) Zimmerman has been drawing and painting since childhood.


Cheryl loves to explore and enjoys outdoor sports, including mountain biking and backpacking. Her love for exploring, as well as what she sees is often portrayed in her paintings. Always ready to try a new technique or style, Cheryl, enjoys the discoveries made in each new painting.


“My paintings are a result of an intuitive process that develops out of the combination of layers, colors, shapes and textures. I am fascinated by layers of transparent color peeking out beneath other layers. My paintings also symbolize a curiosity of the delicate connections of colors and shapes in the natural world.”


Cheryl received her BA in art from Nebraska Wesleyan University, along with an AA in graphic design. She moved to Arizona in 1989 where the landscapes and rugged beauty of the desert provide a continuous source of inspiration for many of her paintings.


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