Blakely Bering

After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University in 1998, Blakely Bering’s professional art career began. Blakely put her studies in costume and set design to direct use by working in opera design and television production around the United States (including Los Angeles, Florida, New York, and finally returning to her home state, Texas.) Blakely’s work with large scale design will influence her artwork throughout her career. Transitioning from large scale design to fine art was seamless and natural for her.


Painting figurative abstractions and “Blooms” at first, Blakely’s art evolved into pure abstraction. Experimenting with techniques, mediums and styles; the “Oil slick” developed in 2006. To collectors around the world, the “Oil slick” is recognized as Blakely’s classic style. The “Oil slick” is a frozen moment, a landscape, a figure, an ocean, an aerial view. It is subjective. She has been noted  as a colorist for her intricate rich layers of oil. Her abstractions are in flux, serious and unassuming.


Reflecting her theatrical sense, the artwork is powerful from thirty feet away. Inspired by her love of cooking, Blakely combines oils, powdered pigments, crushed metals and secret ingredients from scratch to create her own paint mixtures. She primarily paints on panel. Her work is known not only for its beauty and sense of frozen movement, but for its sustain ability over time. Selling over 4,000 paintings, she has produced art for both national and international exhibits.


Today she lives in Houston with her two children Granger and Baylie. Her studio and home is fondly called “Artfarm”. Here, she regularly works creating pieces produced with acrylic, charcoal, pastel, oil pastel and found objects on panel or canvas. She is also the proud owner of Bering and James Art Gallery.

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