Chelsea McShane

My name is Chelsea McShane, and I am a self-taught artist who lives in Northwest Arkansas with my husband Matt, and 3 littles.  Art is a part of who I am.  As a teenager I spent my Friday nights sewing, sketching, drawing, and painting, and always looking for a new project to embark upon.  In fact, many of my old pieces can still be found stored in my parent’s basement.  Although I look at some of the old paintings and drawings with some awkwardness, they are also pieces I could never part with due to the memories they bring me.  Those early years are what gave me my foundation in art, and established my love for creative projects. 
Over the years I have evolved after dabbling in many areas of design and art.  During college I started my own dress-making business. Sketching dresses and sewing became a real passion. During that time I also gained a lot of experience in portrait art, as I found myself painting many of the children I would baby-sit. 
Currently, the bulk of my art consists of contemporary abstraction, animals, and watercolor portraits.  Modern day fashion, style, and interior design are a major influence in my current abstractions and expressionist portraits. I hope for people to feel a connection with my work in a sincere, unique, and joyful way.

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