Cicero Silva

Cicero Silva began his career in art over 30 years ago. His first foray into the art world was as a designer of spaces and booths for trade shows. This profession brought him into contact with many demanding, high-level clients, for whom he would translate business models and products into an interesting and productive display. In doing so, he was constantly working with ideas of proportion accuracy, and measure. He would faithfully pursue new trends, consistently providing his clients with the best way to showcase their business.


Silva now works with three-dimensional colored wooden shapes - cubes, cylinders, cones. Each shape is carefully painted, and painstakingly attached to a canvas-covered wooden backing. As the cubes and cones interact with the canvas surface and with surrounding shapes, they form intricate geometrical patters and shadows which are interesting to look at from every angle.


By creating his own style of visual art, Silva has found a new way to express three-dimensional art, combining numerous shapes, rhythms, textures, volume, and patterns  






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