Rodrigo (birth name Jing Ping Ma) was born in Henan China in 1979. Rodrigo was fortunate to have been born at a time of China's changing attitudes toward the outside world as well as the directions its people were to take in the "New China" itself.The world was opening up as Rodrigo took lessons in various art forms, eventually selecting oil paintings as his choice of expressing his artistic level.

In 1999 Rodrigo graduated from Henan University of Education. Over the next few years, he worked at several art related endeavors while developing his skills as a professional artist. In 2003 Rodrigo entered his first major art exhibit being held in Hong Kong. By the next year he had won first place in the Beijing Art Expo. 

Rodrigo developed his current theme of nature scenes, using very heavily textured techniques causing an almost third dimension of beauty. By 2012 Rodrigo finally realized a long held dream by entering a relationship that led to his wonderful landscapes and nature scenes being shown in America.His works are being enthusiastically received by a growing number of collectors worldwide.


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