Cathy Shepherd

How the earth and all things are interconnected fascinates me and provides an endless flow of inspiration. I see the world as a giant mosaic, rich with luminous colors, textures, organic shapes, sounds, and energy. These elements inspire me and fuel my soul to create what seems to come alive on the glass canvas.


It is with great respect and honor that I can create these interpretations. I hope to stimulate emotions of peace, love, and energy but ultimately encourage others to create their own unique “dance."


I fuse a collage of dynamic colors and shapes cut from iridescent transparent glass, layered together with dual-colored dichroic glass cut into mosaics, blending in fused glass shards for more visual energy.


Cathy is particularly drawn to the vivid blues found in nature — representing both sky and sea, expansiveness, freedom, and intuition. Cathy’s luminous pieces, with their vivid sapphires, teals, and turquoises, depict an emotional landscape of depth, wisdom, confidence, and faith. Cathy’s azure pieces often stand alone, but she occasionally interweaves pearly pinks, emerald greens, and fiery oranges to create custom, one-of-a-kind pieces that have become immediately recognizable as her signature style.

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