Pam Watson

Pam has had an interest in art and design for over 20 years. She began her journey with a strong interest in fiber arts, then later shifted to jewelry design, glass blowing, clay work and now abstract painting. She found her passion for painting in 2016 after attending several abstract painting workshops in Tulsa, OK.  She has an eye for color and shapes and relies on the intuitive process to finish her composition. She enjoys using texture and layers to create history in her paintings as well as trying new techniques. Pam is known for her experimentation and natural ability to create excitement for her art. Her favorite stage in painting is the blank canvas.  The possibilities are as far as the imagination and she enjoys getting lost in the process.  Pam primarily works with acrylics but experiments with oil and with other mediums including cold wax.  


Pam enjoys travelling and looks for art everywhere she goes. “Inspiration can come from anywhere and from anything”, Pam says. “Even ice melting on a lake can inspire a beautiful painting.” Her day job is working as a Business Analyst for Voya financial.  


Pam is a member of the Alpha Rho Tau civic art association and serves on the Board of The Living Arts in Tulsa, OK. Living Arts is a platform for evolving ideas and community empowerment through exhibitions, workshops, performances, films, lectures and education. She volunteers for events and donates her art to numerous fundraisers throughout the year. She was previously a member of the Hummingbird Fine craft cooperative in Tulsa and enjoys promoting her fellow artists along with her own creations. In the spring of 2019, Pam began curating an ongoing group show of Tulsa’s emerging artists. Her group show, “Art Fusion” is located at Landon Thomas Design studio on Brookside. The show  includes 10 – 12 other artists and is refreshed monthly with new art installations. Pam hosts monthly receptions to coincide with other events happening on Brookside during the month as well as Friday night “Happy Hour” to invite patrons to come in for a chat and enjoy the Art. Not only does Pam enjoy promoting art for her fellow artists, she has recently been accepted to several art shows and functions that Tulsa offers including the “Oh Tulsa” show held at the Living Arts., as well as the Fall group show at Royce Myers gallery, in September. Pam’s appetite for learning, creating and sharing the beauty of Art to other enthusiasts and collectors is significant.    

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