Anna Rutherford

Anna graduated from Oklahoma State University in December of 2013 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. Anna’s several exhibitions includes, Kansas OSAS Exhibition, Kansas City. Nude 9, Tulsa Oklahoma, and IAO Biting the Apple, OK City, OK.  Anna has been awarded numerous academic scholarships, including an OSU Academic Transfer Scholarship, and the Medical Heritage Scholarship. As well as, being featured on Explore Tulsa in 2015. 


After being chosen and completing a prestigious internship with world famous sculptor David Phelps. Anna recently embarked on her own art career specializing in illustration, painting, and sculpture. As well as, many side commissions in photography and home design. Anna started her incorporation in 2013 in order to manage and pursue her art career. She has recently started doing live painting events for companies, and is developing her newest body of work Muscle Memory. 


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