Robbins believes that through meditations and quietness the artist stills the mind and is able to percieve and develop his art in new ways. This has been his motto through our life and has led to his development as an artist.


Robbins real name is Kang Woo Gyu. He was born December 25, 1968 in Ding Dah Jung of the Kang Suh Providence, China. As a young man he entered the Ding Dah Jung Tochu Art College, where he majored in ceramic art. After graduating he developed a career in decorative ceramic art. He loved color and hoped his love communicated through his work. However, something was missing. Therefore, in his studio, Robbins began to paint on canvas with oil. After 10 years of experimenting, his talents evolved into a unique and engrossing style of painting.


Robbins enjoyes painting impression landscapes and gardens. He says that sensing the spirit of a place in an experience that he wants to convey in his paintings. His intent is to vapture the essence of each place in hope of inspiring the viewer to revere and care for the beauty that nature has given us.


He also loves the decorative arts that he learned as a young man. Thisd is reflected in his contemporary still life paintings, where he often uses imaginative vases to compliment the other subjects of paintings.


Robbins currently paints and lives with his beautiful wife and daughter in the Tongzou District of Beijing, China.

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