S. Harvey

Steve Harvey was born on October 14, 1970 in Dah Gang Chi, Chun Jin City, China. His real name is Dou Hong Wei. As a child he loved the outdoors and often traveled with his family. This interest in nature inspired him to enter the fine arts.


He recieved his early art training at the Chun Jin Art Institute. His love of the outdoors and his thirst to develop ideas and visions , that would fill his canvases with bold, striking colors and subjects, led him to study in the landscapes of old Europe.


After years of researching he began to create paintings that reflected the beauty and diversity of European landscapes and villages. Through his art he explores new dimensions in texture, color and depth. The energy that flows from his use of color evokes powerful feelings in those viewing his work.


Steve Harvey continues to studyu European landscapes, especially in such areas as Tuscany and Normandy on a constact basis, in order to capture images and feelings that can be communicated through his paintings. He currently paints in Bejing, China where he lives with his beautiful wife.



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