Devin Michael Roberts

 Devin Michael Roberts (b. 1984) is an American contemporary realist artist based out of the Midwestern United States as well as the Puget Sound of Washington State. Born in the foot hills of the Cascades and raised up and down the west coast as a child. Nature has always played an important role in Devin's life and as a result of that intimate connection he has put his primary focus on painting the landscape. Roberts finds that the landscape affords endless opportunities to focus on representing living emotion through paint. "The moods and feelings that mother nature can evoke are infinite " His days and nights are spent either in the field studying directly from nature or in the comfort of the studio painting well thought out emotive pieces. Influenced by a wide array of artists from the illustrator N.C. Wyeth to the tonalist George Inness and from the Russian Impressionist Isaac Levitan to the modern abstract artist Gerhard Richter.


"I find a connection to virtually every style of art you can think of.” -Devin


Devin has a technical process that is ever evolving. He currently puts a focus on beginning his paintings from life, either from a study done on location or from life in the studio. He takes these studies and uses them as the reference for his studio paintings. The studio paintings often are pieces which combine multiple references and are composed in part with memory and imagination. The goal of these studio pieces is to build an emotional experience within the viewer. “ I have many different techniques I have picked up from books, online publications, other painters or my years studying art as a child. I may utilize any of them at any given point or sometimes I choose to blend techniques together. So I may begin with a block in of the big shapes in transparent color washes, or I may begin with an even more direct technique. Once I get to the finishing stage my technique becomes more concerned with color, texture and edges. I use a mixture of brushwork and texture manipulation using the traditional tools such as of brushes/palette knives as well as fingers, credit cards, paper towels and whatever I may have on hand.”


“I am very excited to see what the future has in store for me, I know no matter what changes I go through in life, the thing that remains constant within me is my love and dedication to painting and preserving the landscape.” –Devin Roberts



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